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Project Update – 4/21/14

The Celebrating Community Project continues its enthusiastic progress with the help of the City of Sioux City, a great Steering Committee, and many other committed volunteers, advocates, and supporters. Thanks to all of you!

We are launching our website ( this week along with an advertising campaign to increase awareness. You will be seeing our billboard, hearing our radio ads, reading our newspaper articles and watching our television coverage soon!

Eleven of the thirteen committees have chosen honorees. Thank you for all your work! Mark Avery has sculpted 6 clay busts of honorees to date and will be starting number 7 soon!

On the fundraising front we have raised $145,900 so far. We continue to apply for grants and ask the generous people of Siouxland for their support to reach our $536,548.11 goal.

Thanks again to everyone who supports our project, and a special blessing to all those who advocate for equality and justice in Siouxland!