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Sculptures will enhance downtown, enrich community

Sioux City Journal | 5/28/14
by: Editorial Board

Praise is due organizers of the Celebrating Community Project.

This wonderful collaboration of private and public sectors speaks to local art, history, culture and diversity and will contribute a new dimension to the continuing transformation of downtown.

Earlier this month, the City Council formally accepted the donation of 13 bronze busts of, according to the project website, “… people who have taken selfless action to help those that have been marginalized in our community.”

“The Celebrating Community Project applauds the strength, commitment and fortitude of common, ordinary people who represent the best of humanity in Siouxland,” the website states. … Some have accomplished small tasks that are great and noble, and others have made a positive difference through acts of courage and sacrifice. The one thing they have in common is that they have given their energy, and heart to advocate for equal opportunity and justice for the members of their community.”

The project is a joint effort of the Celebrating Community Foundation, Mark Avery Studios, the Sioux City NAACP and the city of Sioux City. Avery will sculpt the busts, which will be mounted on pedestals alongside, appropriately enough, the Martin Luther King Jr. Transportation Center at the corner of Fifth and Nebraska streets.

The Celebrating Community Foundation will fund the $540,000 project through private donations. Avery said the busts could be completed by next spring and installed by fall 2015.

We commend the visionaries involved in planning and organizing this significant contribution to our city as well as city government for its cooperation.

The project will pay tribute to deserving local figures. By honoring these influential men and women, the sculptures will enhance downtown and enrich our community as a whole.

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