Project Location


Project Location

The Celebrating Community Project is located along the east side of the Martin Luther King Transportation Center at the corner of 5th and Nebraska. This location extends the planned art corridor in downtown Sioux City, and is ideally located just north of the the beautiful Sioux City Public Museum.

This location is perfectly suited to be included in the numerous school tours that visit the museum, and will serve to inspire and educate children on the historic importance of the honorees, with the ultimate hope of fostering awareness and acceptance.

Phase 1 of the project was dedicated on October 1, 2015. Those elements include the “Arc” and four illuminated bronze busts: Sgt. John Rice, Veterans honoree; Rabbi Albert Gordon, Jewish Americans honoree; Beulah Webb, Elderly honoree; and Connie Spain, the honoree for Those Recovering from Addictions.

Phase 2 was dedicated on October 6, 2016 when four additional illuminated bronze busts were included. They are Hong Cuc, Asian American honoree; Tomasa Salas, Hispanic/Latino Americans honoree; Richard Owens, Disabled Americans honoree; and George Boykin, Childrens honoree.

Phase 3 will be dedicated on October 4, 2018 when five additional illuminated bronze busts will be included. They are Evelyn Freeman, African American’s honoree; Marilyn Murphy, Women’s honoree; Susan LaFlesche Picotte, MD, Native Americans’ honoree; Rhoda Tenuta, Victims of Domestic Violence honoree; and Mike Wood, honoree for the Homeless.