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Honoree:  Nguyen Thi Hong Cuc

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Nguyen Thi Hong Cuc
Bio – Nguyen Thi Hong Cuc

Imagine arriving in a foreign country. You know no one. You don’t speak the language or understand the culture. You feel overwhelmed. Stumbling blocks seem insurmountable.

Born in Vietnam, trained as a teacher and social worker, Nguyen Thi Hong Cuc spoke English when she immigrated in 1981. Yet feeling displaced and yearning for her homeland was very real. In addition, she had lost her entire family. Achieving U.S. citizenship in 1987, Hong Cuc understood how to navigate a foreign system.

Working long, arduous hours, often for free, Hong Cuc counseled Asians assimilating to America. She guided people through the immigration process, acting as legal advocate and interpreter. She escorted people to court dates and doctor appointments, helped them find housing and educational opportunities.

Determined, Hong Cuc broke barriers of language and culture. Her graceful effort built cross-cultural bridges. She advocated mutual respect and balance between cherishing native heritage and embracing American culture.

Hong Cuc’s selfless work helped thousands thrive, become self-sufficient and achieve citizenship.

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