Honoree:  George Boykin

Honoree Category:  Children

Believe in yourself
Help others
Build strong Community
George Boykin
Bio – George Boykin

Cultural differences influence passage from youth to adulthood. African American George Boykin used his background and experience to make societal inroads for troubled youth.

A native of South Sioux City, Boykin pushed past discriminatory walls to create a life of service: first person of color to hold public office in Sioux City, board chair of a major medical facility, served on the school board, and held a key position assisting minorities in college.

Boykin’s commitment to service compelled him to initiate programs urging youth to strive for excellence in their own lives. Boykin co-founded a community organization targeting physical and mental health needs of disadvantaged youth and others. He championed good health as a precursor to success.

Boykin created innovative programs steering youth away from gangs and criminal activity. Alternative education programs prevented school suspension, allowing youth to stay in school, improving outcomes and positively affecting futures.

Pioneer, leader, mentor, educator. Boykin’s vision for cultural change is embodied in three principles. Believe in yourself. Help others. Build strong community.

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