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Honoree:  Richard T. Owens

Honoree Category:  Disabled Americans

Richard T. Owens
Bio – Richard T. Owens

Education, community, acceptance and opportunity for all, regardless of disability, were persistent goals pursued by Richard Owens.

Humble beginnings as a teacher drove Owens crusade for meaningful learning experiences, adequate program funding and employment for the disabled. He fervently lobbied parents, fellow teachers, school administrators, local organizations, county boards and legislators for true understanding of the need for genuine services.

Exceptional results followed. Leading the community effort, Owens found money and means to turn goals into reality. Summer school programs for disabled children and adults flourished. Woodbury County provided funding for the learning disabled. Preschool special needs screenings were implemented. Parent education and support groups thrived. His influence also extended to the college classroom, establishing and bolstering graduate and undergraduate programs in special education.

Owens’ tenacious push convinced Siouxland to believe in his mission. His zealous work moved the community to embrace, include and welcome the disabled in school and beyond.

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