Those Recovering from Addictions/Substance Abuse

Honoree:  Connie Spain

Honoree Category:  Those Recovering from Addiction/Substance Abuse

Bio – Connie Spain

Out of the shadows into the light, Connie Spain dedicated 50 years to awareness and transformation from the darkness of alcoholism to the healing of recovery. A nurse by trade, Spain found her life’s mission after helping a friend struggle with recovery.

Her fiery enthusiasm urged her to study psychology and to visit regional treatment centers in preparation to serve others. In the 1960s, medical treatment for alcoholics was sorely inadequate. People often believed alcoholism was a problem of the down and out, the poor, the uneducated. Spain transformed this faulty belief.

Her work inspired doctors, lawyers, businessmen, professors and the wealthy to accept that alcoholism is a disease. These once hidden faces of alcoholism helped Spain create real opportunities for recovery, such as intervention, recovery clubs, halfway houses and Sioux City’s first inpatient treatment center.

Miracles happen if you are willing to tell your story. Knowledge, recognition and effective treatment broke the negative stigma, empowering the community to embrace the recovery momentum pioneered by Spain.

Watch for a more detailed biography coming soon.

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